Edala is a diminutive, feisty girl, who in Book One appears to be around 16 years of age.

She is a highly skilled fighter, her style based on gymnastic ability.

Edala is also an apprentice Air Mage and enjoys making Lloyd Brook clean her boots every morning.

It is when the companions are trapped in a sewer that a simple act of kindness by Lloyd starts to break down her cold demeanour.

We later discover that Edala has kept a secret from her friends, a secret that will change her relationship with Lloyd forever.


Boadaiska is a warrior princess of the Wolf Clan.

She is a formidable fighter, skilled in both sword and bow, she commonly wields two blades.

Due to a falling out with her father, Clan King Orakhan, she has self exiled herself from her people, instead preferring the company of the Mage Darrion and the Monk Kenelm.

Boadaiska is horrified by the stories of the Dragon Ingemar and the virgin sacrifices made as a gift to the ancient being.


Allen is the Son of the Kalanan Ambassador to the Crescent Empire. He was raised with an expectation to serve in the Kalanan Army.

When the Sorcerer, Lloyd Brook, enters his life, the soldier Allen swears service to Lloyd as his protector.

Allen is loyal to a fault, ever so slightly naive and is ever taunted by the red headed mage Bethany, upon whom he has a crush.